Our Why

SupportLocal, is a platform made by Malaysian entrepreneurs for Malaysian entrepreneurs.

At SupportLocal, we empower and support founders and business owners of small and mid-sized enterprises that are teeming with energy and form the backbone of most global economies today.

Our Founder, Parvinjeet Kaur, has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 17. As a venture builder and executive, she has faced first-hand, the business challenges that plague new founders – particularly when trying to scale with limited resources. Entrepreneurship can often be a lonely journey characterized by self-doubt, ridicule and apprehension. These factors discourage many promising founders from taking risks for fear of failure.

SupportLocal was created specifically to alleviate those pressures – both internal and external – and enable entrepreneurs to actualize the potential of their ideas and capabilities. The organization has its roots dating back to June 2020 at the height of COVID when Parvin helped her family, friends and clients navigate the challenges of the pandemic with customer referrals, business advice, financial planning and other lessons she acquired over 15+ years as a business operator.

After helping these businesses stabilize and regain sure footing, Parvin realized her own passion for uplifting other business owners, and the SupportLocal platform was thus born.


What our platform offers and how we can help:


  1. We have developed a website with a comprehensive directory of small businesses in Malaysia to enable users to support these businesses by buying locally-made products and spreading the word within their communities.

  2. We are dedicated to telling the inspiring personal and professional stories of small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs. Through our videos, articles and podcasts, we seek to capture the entrepreneurial essence, beauty and struggles of locally-owned small businesses to drive messaging that resonates with customers at a personal level .

  3. We recently started the 1,000+ Stories project which is an effort by the SupportLocal team to better understand the needs of business owners and give their stories media exposure. By sharing their experiences in starting and running a business, we amplify their voice in the community and garner long-term awareness for their companies.

  4. We develop and share insightful education materials and content focused on personal growth, business growth (business planning, decision-making, risk management, business operations checklists, etc.), community engagement, sales and marketing, etc.

  5. We interview sector experts and a group of thought leaders to share insights and provide advice for some of the key issues, challenges and industry or technology paradigm shifts faced by small business owners.
  6. We connect businesses with their end markets. Individual brands will gain exposure on SupportLocal, as well as, benefit from being meaningfully promoted across SupportLocal’s multi-channel social media platform to boost traffic and increase brand awareness.

We want to provide a voice to the underserved market to increase their visibility with key partners and customers. Many small businesses don’t have sizable marketing budgets to invest in growth initiatives. With SupportLocal, we become their marketing engine to position brands for success even with limited resources.