Why Setting Objectives and Missions is not Old School

I recently spoke with a talented writer who is willing to help me write stories about local entrepreneurs for Support Local 1000+ Stories project. I originally intended to do them myself, but as the number of interviews rises, I require assistance and I’m also feeling anxious and overwhelmed about the upcoming launch.

Additionally, I spoke to several individuals this past few days in order to determine if people have a clear idea of the objective and missions of Support Local platform which I have been building.

Unfortunately, some couldn’t comprehend it and one of the reasons, they did not read the “About us” and our missions because it was too lengthy, and those who did could not understand it properly. Consequently, I examined the writing and made it simpler so that people could understand it better.

During my conversation with the writer, she mentioned that I am becoming too stressed up over this and investing too much time in preparing the objectives and missions. It is out-of-date, so no one cares about it any longer, especially in the digital era.

People’s attention spans have diminished considerably as technology has advanced, resulting in them being able to browse websites for a short time before being persuaded to continue. Therefore, they have to be convinced in that few seconds, of why they should keep on browsing, and what it is all about.

After listening to her, I agreed. Perhaps I was getting too specific, like this post. I took a break from working on this to regain composure and clarify my thoughts.

After much consideration, I decided to proceed with the objectives and missions of the Support Local platform since I still believe this is an important feat and sets the foundation for everything that follows.

Building Support Local, can sometimes feel like, we are operating in a different world than other businesses. The environment is very different when you are focused on serving others rather than making money or providing services that generate revenue. This can pose challenges when trying to establish how you measure success and align your output with your objectives and missions.

I believe as a Founder, we should always keep objective and mission in mind to remind ourself of all the reasons for starting it in order to stay on track and keep focused on the mission. As we move forward in our entrepreneurship journey, we may encounter many obstacles and questions, which might lead us to question our path and whether we should continue or give up.

As founders, we are often entrepreneurs with many roles and our tendencies are usually hyper-focused. We’re the chief executive officer, and chief operating officer, as well as the sole owner of the company. In addition to this, we’re also chief strategy officer, product strategist, and marketing guru. While all these duties are important, they’re not equally weighted in terms of time and attention.

Setting objectives will ensure that we have a plan at hand while executing our business plan effectively. It will also help us track our progress and measure results within our venture so that we can take corrective measures accordingly. Without set objectives and missions for our business, it becomes difficult for us to know where we are going or when we have reached our destination.

And if we have any ambitions of leaving our mark—and not just becoming another footnote in history—setting objectives for our venture is an absolute must.


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