What do you know about biodegradable products? An eco-friendly solution is what strikes first to the mind and you are definitely correct.

First of all, understand what is meant by biodegradable.  Biodegradable means that an item will be broken down into natural materials through a natural process.

For the simple definition, biodegradable means an item can be broken down into natural materials without causing any harm to the environment. Unlike recycling, no chemicals or processes are required to dispose of a biodegradable item.

Biodegradable products will not take a long time to decompose but it depends on the materials it is made from to determine how long it takes to break down. But, it is faster when compared to non-biodegradable products that need more than a hundred years to be decomposed. Biodegradable waste products will be broken into soil-like material or compost. It becomes part of the environment and minimizes landfill issues, an environmentally friendly way. Just observe how twigs and leaves degrade over time, to get an idea of biodegradation.  Composting is a natural process of degradation of plant and animal material and returns nutrients back to the soil.

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