HÅNDLAVET – The word “Handmade” in Danish ; The platform we choose to share our fully handmade craft and product with everyone of you who reading this.

Håndlavet is an online business store dedicated to selling handmade gifts to customers for their loved ones while also preserving the environment at the same time. We came up with the idea of opening this online store as we were looking for gifts to buy for our friends on the internet but came to no avail. We love the idea of conserving nature with handmade gifts and decided to start off with our first product series, natural soy candles. We also provide large quantity based orders to corporate and weddings as door gifts or souvenirs.

With the passion in creating beautiful craft with nice fragrance and environmental friendly, our candles are hand-poured everyday in small batch to make sure every candle leaves us with quality and their own story and purpose. We have also launched our hand soap series which allows customers to carry cute little soap pellets on their daily lives.

Our candles are all made with 100% natural soy wax. Soy wax candles are very clean in burning and it burns slower and cooler. It has no toxins or pollutants which means less likely to trigger allergies and produce very little soot as well. Our ingredients are imported from foreign countries with the aim of providing our customers with environmental friendly ingredients without harming our beautiful planet.

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more than any of our other senses. Thus, we provide scented soy candle with various natural pure essential oils and premium fragrance oils inspired from natural herbs, flowers and plants worldwide.

We will try our best to bring you creative and fresh feelings for both visual and sense of smell. We hope our candles can enhance the atmosphere of your home or working place and transform them into a soothing place, but not only your needs in blackout.

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