P A U S E was established in 2019, producing small batches of handcrafted candles and cold-pressed soaps, each individually handcrafted with its own uniqueness.

Why are we named P A U S E?

Appreciate the little things in life, pause, and make time for yourself!

We are often stressed out with the pressures we face in our daily lives. Sometimes we just need to slow down, take a little break, and “pause”.

That “pause” can be a self-pampering “me time” in a bubble bath or relaxing in your room with your favourite scented candle. Don’t you think this simple gesture makes life pretty wonderful?

Handcrafted Candles by P A U S E

Candles are one of the popular ornamental fixtures in many homes today, despite no longer relying on them as light sources. A candle can help create beautiful memories for any occasion; creating atmosphere and setting up a relaxing mood in your room with your favourite scent after a hectic day.

Candles can be made from a variety of different waxes such as soy wax, beeswax, palm wax, ice wax, gel wax, and paraffin wax, with each wax having different properties that affect the performance. P A U S E mainly uses 100% natural soy wax for the scented candles in jar and other waxes for decorative candles. We hope that this little fire warms your heart.


Cold-Pressed Soaps by P A U S E

Soap is very important and has become one of our daily necessities to our modern lives when it comes to personal hygiene routines. Did you know that soap helps reduce the level of stress and anxiety of our mind and body?

P A U S E has been working on a variety of soaps with different types of fragrances and essential oils. Each soap bar is artisan handmade and it takes time to cure. A good soap can lighten your mood after a shower and makes a great gift too!

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