Why support local?

The more we buy in our country, the more visible and tangible the economic benefits are. Let’s foster an environment where businesses are numerous, jobs flourish, abundant choices, vibrant neighbourhoods, important and sustained causes, the most vulnerable supported and where many activities are sponsored.


There are many good reasons why it is important to buy local and invest in the economic vitality of our community. Here are some of them:

Autonomy and employment

Buying local is a gesture of solidarity with producers and entrepreneurs in the country. Indeed, investing in these companies makes it possible to redistribute this wealth within the community. This phenomenon leads to an improvement in the incomes of workers in the country and leads to the creation and maintenance of jobs.


Abundance and diversity       

By spending to buy local products and services, you enable new initiatives to emerge within our community. These projects are developing into new businesses which translates into new investments and generates more value for our entire community. This movement is producing more jobs and revitalizing our economy.



Buying locally also means building relationships and discovering local entrepreneurs. It’s about giving ourselves the chance to develop human relationships by making our purchases. It is interesting to meet the passionate people who populate local businesses and who can advise us personally.



Shopping locally often means buying less, but buying better. The small effort required to find local purchases pushes us towards more thoughtful choices. Taking the time to buy a product or service is wise and generally gives us a better appreciation of our purchases. Buying local translates into a gesture of responsible consumption.